Hair, Nails, Makeup … Art?

Anna Fatherly

Anna Fatherly

 Since I talked about a different form of art, dance, earlier today I thought I would keep the streak going. Cosmetologist are stylist who deal with hair, makeup, skin, and nails. They are artist just as much as a painter would be for drawing a painting.

Anna Fatherly, is a twenty-one year old hair stylist at Supreme Caliente in Baltimore Maryland. Hair for her is her way to sho

w her creative mind and for her to bring her visions to life on her stylist.

“The way a persons hair is styled can tell you about their personality. Color for instance can tell you if a person is outgoing and fun or if they are more reserved and calm,” said Fatherly.

Natural Hair Style

Natural Hair Style

She received her license in 2011 from Empire, a cosmetology school located in Owings Mills, MD. At school Fatherly learned how to design nails, do makeup, and do different hair styling techniques. She said going to school helped her broaden her imagination.

” I can take a pack of hair and create a masterpiece on a women’s head,” said Fatherly. I asked what exactly did she mean by a “masterpiece,” so she was

happy to send me a picture of a natural hair style that she did for a friend that wanted a different look that would make her stand out. (right side of blog)

Cosmetologist are artist also because they do nails which is a form of painting just with a smaller space to work with. Nail Cosmetologist also use paint brushes, and color just like a painter, so I think its safe to say they are the same.


Pointy Nails

Fatherly does not specialize in nails, but she did say she learned how to do nails at school. “Nails may not be my thing, but I do admired the different designs, cuts, and types or nails designs a person can do,” said Fatherly.

Every women I know enjoys a nice pedicure and manicure, so why not get creative with you designs. My favorite nail design right now is the pointy nail with designs. This look is elegant but sassy at the same time.

Hair, nails, and makeup are forms of art because its can be whatever a person envisions. For instance, everyone knows rapper Nicki Minaj and her style may be outrageous, but its different and admirable because of how different her style is. Like I said before art has no limits and neither does fashion which is a another form of art.

Fatherly said that she is always learning new style s and techniques from things she sees everyday. For

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

instance, she said, ” I was watching and old episode of Shirley temple which inspired me to do my clients hair in spiral curls. I had to make hair style for adult considering that Shirley temple was a little girl, but things like that inspire my creativity.”

Make up is also a different form of art because doing a persons make up is like drawing. When I do my own makeup I feel like I am coloring. I can use any colors and the end result is usually flawless.

Fatherly said, ” The right make up can transform a persons entire look. Also, the beauty of make up is that it does not always have to be colorful to be nice.”

Fatherly suggest for a women to just use a foundation, eye liner, and a simple gloss for a natural look.  Make up has the ability to build a persons self esteem. The finish product of make up can be a beautiful painting if you look at it form an artistic stand point.

Many might not understand how hair can be seen as art,but I thought I would share my feelings.


Art as no Limits

Alickka during dance class

Alickka during dance class at Patapsco High School


noun; the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture.

This definition of art from the dictionary creates limits for what art is, but I disagree.  Art is such a little word but it has not limits. It is any piece of work that people create from their imagination and emotions. Art can be anything that people can view and feel the emotion from the piece of work.

I can appreciate the arts and those who embrace their creative side.  Dance is a beautiful form of art that people make with their body. The same feeling I can get from looking at a painting or a sculpture is the same feeling I get when I watch a dancer on stage. I am always amazed by what they can do with their body!

Alickka Edwards, 22-years-old, has been dancing for 11 years. She has embraced the art of dance at  Dance Moves for three years, Morton Street for three years then four years at Patapsco high school. Her last three years of dance was at Hood College.

Edwards started dance  for fun at 10 years old. She never thought dance would become a permanent part of her life until she noticed how dance forced her to be a hard worker.

“Dance has done a lot for me. First it has allowed me to freely express my creative side while others got to understand my creative side. It has also allowed me to form strong healthy relationship with others because dancing requires team work in the learning process. Dance has allowed me to be confident because I have been pushed out of my comfort zone many of times and that has allowed me to be confident in expressing myself in and outside of dance,” said Edwards.

As stated earlier, dance is a form of art that is made through body movements and facial expressions. As a dancer Edwards said, “I consider dance to be a form of art because it allows for individualism. I also consider dance to be a form of art because it allows for creativity and expression for the purpose of entertainment.”

This statement from Edwards, describes what art is or how art can be whatever people make it to be. No piece of art is the same, but they all have a meaning. Dance is an more advanced form of art because dancers have to perform and recreate their art work every time they get on stage. Their emotions that day can change the way they present their artwork.

Edwards said dance is a form of art that is physical and mental because if dancers are not mentally focused on their performance everything could go wrong.

“Art is both mental and physical because it challenges a person . Mentally dance can serve as a form of therapy and as a character builder. Physically dance allows an individual to push their bodies to new limits in effort to be more creative and expressive,” said Edwards.

I wanted to express my admiration for all forms of art because I usually only talk about poetry, comedy, and music but I am a lover of all things creative. Dance is expressive, beautiful, challenging, and graceful. I respect all performers for their courage. They lose themselves in their performance and put on a show that is unimaginable.

“Dance is one of the best forms of self-expression and it is something that comes in many different forms that may be strange, but beautiful at the same time.” said Edwards. I wanted to leave you all with this statement made by Edwards about dance. Dance is what you make it!

The Children are theFuture



Creativity should be encouraged amongst our youth today. They should engage in workshops that encourage them to use their imagination in order to develop their thinking skills. Children who write poems, draw, sing, and dance etc. are well rounded. These children learn how to live a full life at a young age by having hobbies while also attending school. The same could be said about children who play sports.

I do not have kids but I am an aunt. My four-year-old niece Jael likes to sing, dance, and act. She has express numerous times that she wants to be a ballerina when she, “Gets big.”

I took the liberty of interviewing my sister and my niece about Jael dancing and acting to get a parents perspective. I also called around to dance studios and acting classes for kids programs to understand what they do.

Every artist, dancer, comedian, singer and actor started out with a dream of becoming famous at about my niece’s age or before. The children that become famous from the dreams have been coached to be hard workers from their friends, family and mentors.

My sister, Cherrelle Joyner, has no interest in dancing professionally or acting, but she encourages my niece to practice to perfect her skills.

“I want her to feel like she can do anything she puts her mind to. I also want her to be well rounded,” said Joyner.

Dance teacher and owner of Studio A, Adrienne Watson, in Randallstown, MD said, “My best dancers are the children who get practice at home and they have positive attitudes about learning.”

Jael already memorizes songs and dance steps without a problem and she has been doing so since the age of two. If my family and I did not encourage her to do what she likes then she will probably give up on her dreams of being a ballerina.

“Dancing is fun and I get to wear sparkling clothes and a tutu,” Jael said when I asked why she loves to dance. Even at a young age she knows what she likes and what she wants like most children her age already do.

Acting coach, Carolyn Stewart Parker teaches acting at, “Drama Kids International,” located in Howard County. Parker teaches ages 3-18 years-old and she said, “Children have the biggest imagination because they do not know a lot of things yet so they make them up.” She said their creative imagination should be developed to help the children gain confidence, speaking skills, and serves as a wonderful introduction to acting and begins a life-long enjoyment of creative arts.”

Becoming a “star” does not happen overnight. Every star started out with just a dream and their dreams only came true because of the opportunities they were given. I wish as a child I was encouraged to have a hobby because I think I would be more outgoing.

Joyner said, “Jael is more energetic, intelligent, and happier than I ever remember me being at her age. I think my encouragement and positive feedback has given her a positive outlook on what she wants to be. Jael’s dreams may change in the next five years, but I will stand by her for whatever she chooses.”

 Studies have shown that children who are involved in extracurricular activities have better grades in school, they make friends easily, and they are normally outspoken. Children like my niece should be given a chance to do what makes them happy. If I were wrong about this then there would be no artist, or dancers, or actors.

I brought up this topic today because I see how many artist, poets, etc. are ignored and their work is not appreciated, but I think creative art is just as important as science, politics, and business. Everyone in this world is different and we all should feel accepted. The only way to make this change is to start with the children.



Kyle Gregory-Wise: What poetry means to him …

Kyle Gregory performing at Towson University

Kyle Gregory performing at Towson University

Earlier this semester I shared with you all my feeling on poetry and what poetry means to me. I thought it would be interesting to hear what a poet thinks about poetry and their experiences performing.

Kyle Gregory Wise is a 23-year-old junior at Towson University. He considers himself to be a natural-born poet. He has been writing poetry since the age of twelve.

” Poetry is a part of my life, it is something I do in my head all the time,’ said Gregory.

He has performed at Morgan State University, Towson University, Terra Cafe, and 5 seasons lounge for, “Warm Wednesdays.”

Performing helps a poet find their own voice. Anyone can read a poem but only a poet can express the appropriate emotion behind their own work.

Gregory has performed in multiple settings that he said is, “soulful.”

“It was an exciting environment that was pretty receptive to my type of art,” Gregory said.  As I explained before, performing allows poets to create their own voice and techniques while on stage.

Gregory said his technique while performing, “Is to be very energetic and make eye contact with the audience. He said he also naturally uses a lot of body language that really helps engage the audience.

Poetry is not something Gregory tries to do, its something that comes natural to him. Aside from him writing poems he also writes music. Music and poetry go hand in hand.

Gregory’s favorite poem that he has ever written is called, “So Appalled.” Gregory said, “This poem spoke on things about the world that he is appalled about and it really came out to be something great and a lot of people loved it. He has performed this poem at an open mike at Towson University. This poem is one of a few  that Gregory turned into a song.

Gregory has dreams of performing for the President like famous poet Maya Angelou. Poetry to me makes words have meaning. It’s a different form of telling a story by using personal experiences an dreams.

I asked Gregory what does poetry mean to him and he said, “Poetry is an expression, it is expression through lyrics  and rhythm. it brings words to life.”

I could not agree more with the young poet. Its many poets out in the world that are eager and ready to show their talents just like Gregory. You do not have to be famous in order to be heard in the poetry world. Many people over look poets, but I put them on a high pedal stool with artist, actors, comedians, and performers in general.

Along with his talent Gregory is obtaining a degree in Political Science. He stressed the fact that having a creative mind does not mean he is not capable of understanding other aspects of life. He still plans to write poetry and record music in his free time, but he wants to graduate first.

The moral to this story is to always follow your dreams and never let one dream die because your pursuing another one.

Baltimore Sound Stage


Baltimore Sound Stage


I always encourage people to attend some sort of entertainment event because of how much fun I have when I go. Lately, I have not suggested a new place for you all to go and check out some good live performances. The Baltimore Sound Stage is a fairly new performance space located at 124 Market Place in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

I have not been yet, but I plan on attending on December 19. Baltimore native, Los, who is signed to Bad Boy entertainment will be starting his tour at Sound Stage. He is still considered to be an underground rapper because he has not debut a single, but his name not nonexistent in the music word.

According to the website the Soundstage is a combination of New York City’s High Line Ballroom and the Baltimore Soundstage. Many parties, concerts, and open mics happen at the Soundstage.

This week they have two events scheduled. On Thursday, November 29, 2012 the student city presents, “The College Social-Acapulco Nights Spring Break Tour.” I know you’re wondering why they would have a Spring Break Tour in the winter! At this events people have a chance to win free spring break trips. A live band will be performing and discounted drinks all night. The crowd for this event will be college students a they should bring a student ID with them for a discounted cover charge at the door.  The event starts at 9 p.m., but the end time is not specified on the website.

Also, this Friday, November 30 the Sound Stage will be the venue for the BSM rap series, “Come Get It.” The show stars a number of underground rap artist and will be $10 all night. This event sounds like something I would enjoy because I love music! I think I might even go to this event and report back to you all.

The Baltimore Sound Stage seems like an official performance place so I am excited to see what they have to offer!


Trey Songz coming to Baltimore Dec. 16


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If you love R&B then you have to love Trey Songz. The Chapter V world tour is currently in effect and he will be in Baltimore, MD this December 16 at the First Mariner Arena. Popular artists Elle Varner and Miguel will be accompanying Songz throughout the tour.

Songz is a multi-talented artist that sings, raps, produces, acts, and writes songs. I have been a fan of Songz since his first single, “I gotta make it” back in 2005. Since then he has released  4 other albums that have help Songz build his own brand. Songz has worked with many great artist such as Drake, Rick Ross, Meek Mills, etc. He is well-known in the industry and this tour should be amazing!

Songz is no stranger to the stage. This will be his fourth tour and his third as a headliner. The Chapter V World Tour is being sponsored by Ovoo and MTZ Jamz. Tickets can be found on ticket master or on the Trey Songz website.

My Broken Heart


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My broken heart needs healing,

I have no feeling,

I became numb to emotional pain,

Love is what i tried to gain,

God told me it wasn’t my time to love,

But my heart rapped around my feelings like a glove,

I wish I seen this coming,

Love that seem so pure like a sweet melody was just an angel humming,

Humming a warning sound that this wasn’t my destiny,

That this love I found wasn’t destine for me,

I wish I could turn back time and stop this pain that I endure,

But that is the one thing that God made impossible,

As I sit here and pray,

I ask god to send me happiness one day,

I am no longer following love,

Because all love has given me is a broken heart …

I told you guys I would put up atleast one of my poems before the semester was over. You might like it; you might not, but it’s something that I am going through and i wanted to share it with you all. If you do like this poem please leave a comment to encourage me to write more often! I have to build some courage sometime, why not now.

The Follow up


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Not Not an Option Fuzzy Secrets and Miscommunication

Hood’s Theater department did an outstanding job for their opening night of their original comedy revue, “Not Not an Option Fuzzy Secrets and Miscommunication.” The show was a created with a series of improvisation skits that played off of each other.

If you were wondering the crazy title is a combination of themes and quotes used throughout the show. If you really pay attention to the message in each film you will see how they came up with the title.

I am known for giving away the juicy details, but I am going to keep my details at a minimum because the revue will continue this upcoming Thursday, November eighth through the tenth.

All I will say is that the actors clearly practice and prepared properly for this show. I have attend many comedy shows but this was the first time I seen improvisation in person I use to watching improvisation on shows like Saturday Night Live and the classic In Living Color. 

Junior Stacy Axler did a great job by working off the crowd’s energy and using them as props to show her characters emotions. For instance, in one of the scenes her character plays an emotional teenager and she start walking through the crowd yelling.

I see that I want to tell all the juicy secrets so I am going to stop here, but I want you all to go see the show if you are in the neighborhood or in your room doing nothing.

I do want to leave you by saying there is no right way to do comedy except to make the audience laugh. Comedians must do everything possible to make their audience feel comfortable and feel free to laugh in order for them to make a lasting impression on a crowd.

Comedy comes to Hood


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Hood College’s Theater department opening night performance for their comedy revue begins tonight at 8 p.m. The performances will take place in the College’s Price Auditorium located in the Tatem Arts building.

The script was written by several Hood students are is called “Not Not an Option-Fuzzy Secrets.” Tickets will be sold thirty minutes before the start of the show. Outsider tickets are $10, Hood faculty and staff tickets are $5 and Hood student admission is free. YES I said free!

This is my junior year at Hood and i am ashamed to say that I have not been to one of the Theatre plays and they are all free for me to attend. However, I am a lover for music, laughter, and entertainment so tonight will be the first night that I see the theatre perform.

As you all know I love comedy and I have mentioned a few places that host comedy events. Well tonight I get to see how well the theatre department performs in front of a crowd. I will definitely be publishing a

follow-up blog for tonight’s performance.

According to the Hood College’s website students Stacey Axler, Isabel Duarte, Jack Hendricks, Giovanni Kavota and Matt Kline, were inspired by, “The Second City in Chicago,” when writing this play The students received assistants from their director Joe Brady. Brady can answer any questions about tonight’s, and future performances for those interested in attending.

For me laughing can ease almost any pain, and tonight seems like a good night to relieve so stress. It’s a Thursday night and for majority of Hood students tonight starts your weekend. I do not see any reason why you would want to miss this. If you cannot make the opening performance do not worry there will be performances on November 2-3 and on the 8-10 at

I will be back soon to tell you what I think about the performances. Stay tuned!

Good Kid M.A.A.D City


As you all know I love Hip Hop and Hip Hop loves me because one of my favorite rappers Kendrick Lamar released his first album, “Good Kid M.a.a.d City,” this past Monday, October 22.

I’m a few days late to talk about the album, but I’m sure if you love Hip Hop you have heard it all within these few days. HipHopwired got the scoop from Lamar on what the acronym M.A.A.D stood for in the title of his album. Lamar said it has two meanings, “My angry adolescent divided and my angel on angel dust.” The first meaning is obviously about his troubling adolescent years were most teens are struggling with finding themselves and their purpose in life. Lamar said to hiphopwired that the second meaning is the reason why he no longer smokes because he got laced before.

Lamar is a TDE artist who has come a long way from his mix tape’s, featured appearances, and freestyles. He has grown a large fan base just from his mixes such as, “Section 80,” which is personally one of my favorites. Lamar finally has his own album, and I am in love with every song.

Many artists are feature on the album such as Dr. Dre, Drake, and Jay Rock etc. It’s going to be the album of the decade if you ask me!

It is rare that I can sit back and listen to an entire album and vibe off the lyrics alone. His lines are so vivid and intriguing. The album tells a story about events that he has experienced as a Compton, California native. He shares his life with his fans, so that they can better understand him as a person.

One of my favorite songs on the album is Poetic Justice that features Drake. I love it for three reasons. One because it is based of my favorite movie “Poetic Justice,” and samples Janet Jacksons, “Anytime.” I also love it because, as you also know I love poetry and this song makes me feel the same way a simple poem would make me feel.

I could go on and on about Kendrick Lamar and this explosive album, but you can stop reading now and go buy you album!